Part One 

You will audition in front of the current Noteworthy.

(1) Solo. Choose any song you'd like (preferably something recognizable). We want to hear your personal style. Choose one verse & chorus from the song that flatters your voice & shows your strengths.

(2) Tonal Memory. We want you check your pitch & memory. We'll play 3-5 notes on the piano & ask you to sing them back to us.

(3) Sight-Reading.Don't freak out! You don't have to be a music major to do well; basic knowledge of notes on a staff will do. Each member of Noteworthy is required to practice their music at home; this test will see if you're prepared for the work!

(4) Range.We'll take note (pun intended) of your upper & lower range by singing scales and vocal warm-ups.​​

Spring Auditions (TBA)

Can you sing (or beatbox)? Do you like being a part of a group? Do you enjoy the rush of performing in front of an audience? If so, we'd love to meet you!

The primary round of audition will be held in August 2016. We will follow up with callbacks later that week.

Part Two 

If you are called back after the first round, you will participate in a group audition.

(1) Choreography. We will teach you the moves to one of our most performed songs. After learning, you will perform for the current members in small groups. Show us that you aren't afraid to be yourself on stage. Time to be sassy, ladies!

(2) Blending. Based on your range, we will assign you to a temporary voice part (Soprano 1-Bass). You will learn the verse & chorus to a current Noteworthy arrangement. You will sing with members of the group, as well as your fellow callback ladies.

After the second round of auditions, we will contact those who made it!